♥ I'm yours :)

It starts with foot tapping music.

If you need to talk to some one but you're afraid that you'll end up sounding silly, making such a big deal out of nothing at all,
I'll listen, and if I do talk I'll keep it short and simple, and I will consider it just as big/as small as you think it is. I'm yours.

If you feel like beating the heck out of some one,
I'll lend you my pillows and you can hit my bed with them just how many times you want to, I promise I won't complain. I'm yours.

If you want to cry, cry endlessly but you think it'd be too weird if you did in front of someone,
I'll wait, patiently, for you to cry, cry endlessly and I won't stare, promise. I'll throw in a few hugs, occasionally, and a lot of back patting with "It'll be okay"s too. I'm yours.

If you want to take a long walk, without talking, and all you need is company that is comfortable with your silence,
I'll shut up and won't talk until you ask me to. I'll the pair of feet walking next to you; the reason for an occasional crunching sound, nothing else. I'm yours.

If you want me to talk, talk without stopping, say everything I should to prevent you from thinking about that "thing" again,
I'll talk about everything under the sun, everything that's nice, and then if you cheer up, I'll be proud of myself and of you, but if you break down again, I promise I won't get freaked out, I'll just get some more chocolate and advice. I'm yours.

If you feel like saying bad things about some one, only to forget them later, because you don't really mean them,
I'll be the Temporary Storage, I'll remember whatever you tell me to, and forget the rest. I'm yours.

If you want to shout, shout as loud as your lungs would allow, to vent it all out,
I'll be your partner, I will shout with you, as I could do with some venting too. I'm yours.

If you think eating a lot will help,
I'll get a lot of food for you (and then go to the gym with you too!). I'm yours.

If you think eating nothing at all will help,
I'll still get food for you. I'm yours.

If you want to make fun of people with weird dressing sense,
I'll laugh with you (only if you promise not to point). I'm yours.

If you want to party like there's no tomorrow,
I'll dance with you, party with you! (only if you promise my parents will never know). I'm yours.

If you want to dress up and click funny pictures,
I will look bad just so you can look better, if you want me to. I'm yours.

If you feel like laughing till your tummy aches,
I will laugh with you, at nothing at all.. until your satisfied. I'm yours.

And in the end,
If you still fall down and fail to get up, I will walk up to you and lend you my hand, and if you still can't get up, I will sit down with you, to give you company, and laugh at all the people of this crazy world who are too busy in their own lives to notice the small things of immense joy.

I'm yours.

All you need to know now is,
in whatever you do,
wherever you are, m'friend,

I'm yours. ♥



Amal Bose said...

aaw.. beautiful.
its everyones dream to get someone like this as ur partner..
nice presentation :)

Aanchal. said...

Haha, aww!
Would you do all that?

Ps. Sorry for the lame comment. It's just that you've written that so well (and all of it true!) that, I know nothing I write will really make a difference, lol. I'm commenting so that you don't get bugged.

Vasudha said...

I happen to love this, m'Dish. :)

The Dramaqueen said...

Hehe :)

A : Yessssss. Aww, thanks! I was expecting a comment from you :P and I would, if you asked me to!!
P.S. It isn't really lame :) Made my day, technically, night though :P

[V] : YAY! Thanks, m'V? :P

Shailja said...

If you want to party like there's no tomorrow,
I'll dance with you, party with you! (only if you promise my parents will never know). I'm yours.

Eeeeee Lets partayyy :P

ANd omg you are soo sweet!
I <3 you Forever!

Chitwan said...

This is...so...perfect. :)
Amazingly awesome post.

Ps- I'm Yours too.

The Dramaqueen said...

<3 =)

narin said...

YOU'VE written that?????
ANd i downloaded the song and checked evryhow to see if it matched to the lyrics!!!!!!

Sekhar said...

Seems like an interesting person. Keep going good.

Beautiful post :)

The Dramaqueen said...

Narin : Haha, those are NOT lyrics, dude!

Sekhar : Thanks!

narin said...

you thank you others... okay!!!!
ja main baat hi nahi kar raha ab se....

The Dramaqueen said...

You're not talking to me anyway? Vella.

April said...

N she says her thots dont flow into each other so easily............!!!!

Pristine words and the way they weave the emotions........amazing!!!

<3ed it........

The Dramaqueen said...

Thanks, April :D ILY!

Vibhuti said...
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