Always Date a Writer

My response to a pretty cynical, but beautifully written article by a guy who claims one should never date a girl who writes (even though he seems like a pretty good writer himself. Hypocrite, much?)

Here's the link (Make sure you read it before you read what I have written):
And here's why I think what I think.

Always date a writer because she knows passion in a way only few others do.
Date her because, on a Sunday morning, when you're too lazy to make her the breakfast-in-bed that you promised her, and instead, you decide to leave her a note that says how sorry you are promising to make up for it the next weekend, she'll be happy to know that you remembered and cared enough to write that note with your very own hands.
She doesn't care about the food, she cares about the trouble that you had to go to, to make up for the absence of it.
And nothing, absolutely nothing would wipe that smile off her face that entire day, and at the end of it, she'd write a two-paged diary entry for the day explaining in great detail how you made her feel warm and fuzzy inside with just four lines written on a dog-eared sheet of paper.
Yes, she is dramatic, and you've always seen her admit it. Writers have earned a notorious reputation for that, over the years, she'll say.
She'll hype your fights when she writes about them, usually making you sound like the bad guy, even on days when you were clearly trying to be her saviour.
She'll blame you for the being the goody two-shoes and making her look bad even to her self, so bad, that it won't let her look at her reflection in the mirror without feeling disgusted with herself.
She'll accuse you of being indifferent, heartless, mean, despicable.
She'll loathe you, write about how she hates you from the bottomless pit of her heart and how her stomach churns every time she hears you shouting with anger buried deep inside your eyes, a deep flaming red.
She'll make situations sound a hundred times worse than they actually are.
She'll talk about breaking down and explain to you how the pain of a broken heart feels, just like the books describe it.
She'll tell you she cries at nights, endlessly, waking up puffy-eyed just to find you gone without so much as, goodbye.
She'll scream and shout and lose it completely sometimes.
And if you dare to utter the letters - P, M and S as much as in the same sentence, she'll storm out the door refusing to come back until you have apologized enough for such a rookie mistake.
Yes, she will do all that and maybe, even more.
But she'll love you, oh she'll love you with her heart and soul, until she has nothing more left to give.
She'll love you in the way they write about in the books, for that is the only world that she truly knows.
She'll give you things that you ask for, and things that you never will.
Don't confuse her love with obsession, for it is not.
She won't call you every five minutes or ping you on BBM every hour.
She'll find ways to show you how her love is not obsession.
She'll make you read what she writes.
She'll beg you to read out to her at nights she can't sleep.
She'll let you sing to her in your tuneless voice and broken lyrics, while she smiles genuinely.
She'll force you to take all those Couple Compatibility tests that you think are so useless and immature, because you both are already so perfect!
But you, in your haste, forget that even the best of people go through phases when they breakdown and absolutely cannot live with each other. She knows this. She has seen this happen way to many times in the world where she reads and writes. Heck, her characters have shared her weaknesses and yours too, so she knows deep down, that perfection doesn't last forever.
It's true, there will be times when frustration will make you punch the wall, break the good china that she adores, while she's in the other room packing her bags, threatening to leave.. almost walking out the door.
There will be times when she'll exaggerate while writing a memoir that you'll notice, shares an uncanny resemblance to the fight you had last night, except she has made it sound a hundred times worse.
But then, there will also be times when she'll give up on what she wants just so you can have what you need.
There will also be times when she'll notice your smallest gesture, magnify it a thousand times further, making all her girl friends wish you were theirs to keep.
There will be times when she'll let you watch your football, when she'll let you be you, while she writes. While she lets her thoughts out into a world that doesn't exist, where she has created her own characters, shared her past with those created by another writer, who magically happen to resemble her inside-out.
In a world, where she has control, she almost wants to say, but nearly laughs at herself. Oh, when has the writer had any control when her protagonist is real?
And then, in the blink of an eye, she'll shut her laptop down, curl up on the couch next to you. You, who's watching your football, a bottle of beer in one hand; and while she looks at you, she'll smile knowing you're happy in that one moment.
And even when you look at her and ask if something is on her mind, she'll just roll her eyes, smile as if the question is outrageously stupid and reply with a well calculated - No.


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