The Infinite

You've been searching for something - a path, a lost pair of earrings, your favourite dress - something buried deep, so you keep digging. You keep digging, until you get tired of all the work, convinced of the fact that you're just digging towards an empty, bottomless pit. You let out a deep, tired sigh. Shaking your head, frustrated with the wasted time and effort, you tell yourself to stop with a, "But, there's nothing there!" reasoning.

You look up at the sky, a brilliant blue. You're surrounded by sunshine and warmth. There's a gentle wind blowing, you can hear the leaves of the trees nearby rustling musically. Where's the snow, you wonder out loud. It feels like yesterday when the sky was a dull, depressing grey and the ground was covered in a layer of white.

You scratch your head, and look at the ground. Should I dig some more, just to be sure, you wonder with your nose all scrunched up. Or should I just let it go, finally?


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Deeptiman Chatterjee said...

This reminded me of a piece I wrote a while ago. And it was also along the lines of a depressed soul searching for something lost, something akin to this post.. Well written, Disha. Waiting for more.. Keep us updated. You have a beautiful blog.